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  • Social Media Management
    Social Media Management Platform

    Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ & More

  • Social Loyalty Apps and Gamification
    Social Loyalty Apps & Gamification

    Set up a Turn Key Loyalty Program that drives engagement

  • Pinterest and Youtube
    Pinterest & YouTube Apps for Facebook

    Easy to Install & Configure, get running in minutes!

  • Facebook Advertising
    Facebook Ads Platform

    Direct targeting and Mobile Ad Engine

Social Media Management Solutions that show results!

  • Social Loyalty Apps

Turn likes into Leads, and Leads in to Loyal Customers with our Social Loyalty App Platform. Complete in house Loyalty Platform that leverages Facebook and your Point of Sale Systems to increase long term customer value.  Connect, engage, and create brand advocates.  Our  API driven system is a complete Loyalty Program in a box that is scalable and secure. Social Loyalty can increase social referrals and build the foundation for customer relationship management on Facebook.

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  • Facebook Ads Management

The hype is real. Facebook Ad targeting is the future of Social, Local, & Mobile advertising. Effective, Efficient, and highly targeted AppAddictive’s Facebook Advertising Platform is leading the trends in Social Media Marketing on Facebook. We provide marketing metrics, analytic dashboards and data capture tools that number crunchers, Ivy Leaguers and MBA’s dream about and at the same time small business owners can easily understand, improve upon, and leverage successfully.

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  • Publisher Platform

Join the conversation with Scribe -our all in one Social Media Publishing Platform! Easily link all of your Social Media networks together in one easy to use dashboard, schedule posts and content in the publishing platform, and scribe will do the work. We are talking about a complete Publishing management for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more in one easy to use dashboard that will save you time and money.

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  • Facebook FanPage App Suite

We have an excellent selection of Apps that are designed to increase engagement and build brand identity on Facebook. Easy to install and configure, our suite of Apps can be set up in minutes. All of our Facebook FanPage Apps are designed to capture lead information, can be easily customized, and Like Gated. Build your first Facebook App integrations for YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr and more. Get building.

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  • Complete Community Management

Need a solution for social media marketing and community management? We have an excellent solution for you. We are capable of connecting, engaging, posting, and delivering real time community involvement on your behalf. Our services are tailored exactly to your business needs and social media goals.

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  • Custom Product Development

We are a pretty innovative bunch that focus on cranking out some really cool proprietary development and patented technologies. We have some really interesting tools for Food and Beverage Establishments and we have a Social Listening tool that is pretty exciting. We are always interested in working on custom products.

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