Effective Facebook Advertising by Michael Onghai

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The time to leverage Facebook Advertising is now.   Fast track your Facebook Ad strategy using this truly pioneering read by the successful CFA and Founder of AppAddictive Michael Onghai.  Mike's company AppAddictive is on the fast track to making money using Facebook Ads.  In this book Mike shares his strategy that drives exceptional results using Facebook Ads.  In the book, you will learn how to use demographic targeting, engaging ads, and a little resourcefulness to make every campaign a success in the Social, Local and Mobile advertising space.  Facebook Ads are changing the way business communicate with their consumers.  No longer can a brand sit back, the social media revolution is here and the time to start is now.

This eBook features:

  • An Introduction to Facebook Ads Platform
  • How to Create Engaging Ads that Convert
  • Learn about CPC, CPM, Targeting, and Custom Audience
  • Ways to turn Likes into Leads and Leads into Customers
  • How to work with Power Editor
  • Reasons to avoid Black Hat Methods and Buying Likes
  • Techniques to track and show real Return on Investment
  • Platform Technology for Managing Facebook Ad Budget & Success

Download The AppAddictive Guide to Effective Facebook Ads Now, Click Here for a Free Copy!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                
Michael Onghai, CFA
is the Founder and CEO of AppAddictive Inc., a Social Media Advertising Agency.  Mike earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA).  Mike had early success as he was the #3 employee and first software engineer at Geocities Inc. which was acquired  by Yahoo Inc. for $3.5 Billion.  Mike is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a former fund manager which focused on internet technologies as well as Southeast Asian equities.  Now, Mike spends much of his weekly routine operating Facebook Ad Campaigns for enterprise, Non Profits, and even a few lucky SMBs.


Mike Onghai, founder of AppAddictive, left a comfortable hedge fund to spend a summer with Philadelphia-based DreamIt Ventures, one of the top 10 incubators in the U.S, according to Forbes. When he arrived at DreamIt, he already had a user base of 50 million people but used the incubator program to transform his consumer-based model into a business-to-business model. AppAddictive is a social and mobile application platform geared towards publishing and advertising that allows businesses to publish apps without coding. Onghai recently acquired $1.2 million in seed funding for the company's drag-and-drop tools for Facebook.

Download The AppAddictive Guide to Effective Facebook Ads Now, Click Here for a Free Copy!